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Expand your business influence by choosing from our flexible sponsorship options that cater to one Michigan county or upgrade to cover five counties. We understand that brides-to-be often prioritize local connections when making their wedding choices.

We understand the importance of local connections in the decision-making process for brides-to-be. By partnering with us, you can effortlessly connect with them as a trusted local business.

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Kudos to Brides!

Brady Events and Marketing Inc., the esteemed publisher behind all Kudos Magazine projects – a trusted publication serving Michigan since 2013.

As a proud pillar of our local community, Kudos Magazine is dedicated to delivering captivating content that resonates with our readers both online and offline. And the best part? It's absolutely free for readers.

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Elizabeth Marasco

Bonus Marketing Support

Meet Elizabeth Brady-Marasco, Kudos magazine founder, she has been making waves as an entrepreneur in Michigan since 2006. With expertise in events, traditional marketing, and digital marketing, she is well-equipped to help clients gain a distinct competitive edge.

Becoming a sponsor of Kudos Magazine means embarking on a transformative journey. We will share the latest insights to boost sales leads and reduce marketing work, avoid getting stuck, streamlining your efforts for a smoother and more efficient approach.

Let Elizabeth and her talented team help you reach unprecedented success this year.

Strategy That Has Everything You Need

Free Lead Magnet

Use as your "freebie" to share with prospects online with a digital download. Or share printed copy as bridal gift. She will thank you for this beautiful planner.

Online and Print 

Our online and print feature allows you connect with local brides in specific counties. Our digital feature lets you stretch even further, with links, blogs and more.

Social Media Videos

Video that fits social media in 2023. Let our team work with you to produce video that connects with brides, turns them into raving fans and then happy clients.

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Why This Is Popular?

✨ Targeted Advertising for Local Connection:

Tailor your promotional efforts to reach your desired audience in specific Michigan counties, choose from Tri County, Genesee County, Livingston County, Oakland County, and Wayne County. Showcase your business as the go-to choice for local brides seeking products and services in their area.

✨ It Is About The Bride and Not Overloaded With Ads:

This high-quality publication sets itself apart by featuring limited advertisers, ensuring a clutter-free experience for readers. Brides will enjoy because it is beautiful, plus an easy to keep track of wedding details, whether online, or with the print publication.

✨ Elevates Your Online Presence with Digital and Video Ads:

Take your marketing strategy to the next level, transform your ads into captivating video content. Collaborate with our talented team to create a unique campaign tailored to your specific goals.

Easy Access

Available in digital and print. Combined with social media videos.

Client Lead Magnet

Use as a lead magnet or gift for your marketing strategy.

Target Local Brides

Micro targeting brides by county. Select up to 5 Michigan counties.

Turn Brides into Customers with Local Hybrid Marketing

Use our 5 step marketing strategy to continue promoting your business for over 3 months, without extra workload. Let us show you how to use marketing assets that build on each other to generate more sales.

Let us help you gain an edge over your competition and arm yourself with a powerful marketing strategy before we enter the busy wedding planning season.

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Here's What People Are Saying About Us:

Kudos testimony

Judy B.

Always excellent content. I love the magazine and the videos have been great too. Thanks for always sharing helpful information.

Kudos magazine testimony

Marsha S.

I love this magazine because they share real, honest information that we can all relate to or we can benefit from the knowledge shared! Great resource for our community!

kudos magazine testimony

Stephanie K.

Your magazine is awesome with covering the community and going the extra mile to provide beautiful colored pictures to capture the precious moments.

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  • Over 3 months of promotional opportunities to connect with brides, during wedding planning season. The attention lasts all year long!

  • Utilize as a free lead magnet to connect with potential brides.

  • Brides will love this wedding planner! It is FREE and available in print and digital formats.

  • You will not be in a magazine oversaturated with ads.

  • This is your opportunity to shine, while providing brides a gift they will use daily throughout their wedding planning process and cherish for years to come.

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    Connect with local brides while they are planning their big day. Gain exposure online and in print. Our social media video connections, will help keep the conversation flowing.

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